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Be more competitive in local and global scale. Help yourself to specialist support teams in engineering and assembly tasks at times when they are in phase with its production schedule, as well as program controllers, HMI's, servos, inverters, etc., and start-up. Leave to allocate resources only on necessary moments, relieving your company's direct cost per full-time. The seasonality and the balance of operations between multiple clients allows us to share this resource with you. We have the ethical commitment of promoting only one customer by market segment so as not to serve customers who are competing with each other.


Panel Assembly

Machine Automation

Process Automation

Technical Support

Remote Access Systems


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Recent Projects

OEM Solution
Take the efficiency to the extreme



Competitiveness on demand


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gallery/plc & hmi remote access

Our proposal is to help the customer by providing a differentiated service in the assembly area, design, automation, energy efficiency and technical support. The strategy is the provision of the service, delivering the hand labor for industrialization of the components purchased by the customer with its suppliers.

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Remote Access Systems

Study Coordination and Selectivity Relays

Panels Electrical assembly

Project Access Control System

Special Machines Automation

  • Packing
  • Extrusion
  • Sandblasting